In June, Spello is known for its INFIORATE DEL CORPUS DOMINI, 1,500 meters of carpets and floral paintings which, inspired by religious motifs – according to free imagination or reproducing famous works -, celebrate Jesus and the Eucharistic miracle.
The artistic Infiorate of Spello date back to the first decades of the 1900s, thanks to the initiative of a woman who, around 1930, drew a simple floral representation on the street with broom and fennel, obtaining the praise of the inhabitants of the town who immediately wanted to imitate her , starting a “positive” challenge for the creation of ever more beautiful and large works.
During the afternoon of the day before the corpus domini and all the night of the Saturday before the party, the infioratori work on the streets, bent on the ground, to draw, lay and arrange millions and millions of petals capable of producing those magical masterpieces that they know of ancient and modern art, full of emotional and cultural suggestions, connected to the themes of religious tradition and also of the most lively actuality.

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