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If you love to turn for stalls in search of your “treasure”, if you love to haggle the price for hours, to check the best, here are some flea markets that are held every month in the many places of Umbria.

A unique opportunity to discover beautiful new places!

FOLIGNO (PG)-“Merchants in the Square”-every 2nd Saturday of each month in Piazza Matteotti.

PISSIGNANO of CAMPELLO (PG)-Antiques Fair-1 ^ Sunday-old Town. Over 200 exhibitors.

BASTIA UMBRA (PG)-Market of the 4 seasons-the 3rd Sunday of March and June and the 2nd Sunday of October-Piazza Mazzini. From 8 a.m. to 20. 30 exhibitors.

PERUGIA-exhibition market for antiques and collectibles-
The last Sunday and Saturday before-Rocca Paolina and Carducci Gardens. About 120/140 exhibitors.

TREVI (PG)-Flea Market-Every 4th Sunday of the month.

SPOLETO (PG)-Crumbs Market-the 2nd Sunday of each month-old town. From 8 a.m. to 20. About 100 Exhibitors.

We are exempt from any liability in case of changes in dates, times and routes. It is advisable to contact the organizers for each confirmation.